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Payment arrangements

Need more time to pay? We have options.

We understand that a variety of circumstances can lead to a late payment, and we’re here to help you get back on track by offering payment arrangements. With a payment arrangement, eligible customers are allowed additional time to bring their account up to date.

What is a payment arrangement?

When you enter into a payment arrangement, your full balance due will be divided evenly over an agreed-upon time frame. You'll still be responsible for paying your monthly bill in addition to your agreed payment arrangement.

You can now set up payment arrangements online.


Budget billing

Budget Billing is a free, stable billing plan. It gives you more predictable bills by averaging the amount you pay each month. That way, you can avoid spikes in your bill due to seasonal usage. 

Budget Billing can be a great alternative to setting up payment arrangements and may be a better option than a long-term agreement.