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sign up for paperless billing

Forget the mailbox, just check your email

Paperless billing sends your bill to your email instead of your mailbox. As soon as your bill is ready, you'll receive an email notification with your due date, amount due and a link to pay. You can also receive a text when your bill is ready.


    Benefits of paperless billing

    • It’s easy: You’ll receive an email when your bill is ready. You can also sign up to get a reminder when your payment due date is approaching.
    • It’s convenient: View and download past bills at any time, on any device. You can also review bills from the last 18 months.
    • It's secure: By receiving your bill in your email, you can protect your personal information from identity theft.
    • No commitments: You can cancel at any time.

    How it works

    When you sign up for paperless billing, your paper bills will stop within 30 days of enrollment. You’ll then receive an email when your bill is ready to view online.

    Review the paperless billing terms and conditions.